Calls For Submissions

Calls For Submissions

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Opportunities for Indigenous Artists

Know your value

You are medicine.

The IACC often gets inquiries from the public.

We will share all of these opportunities with you as they come in and hope that you will find this resource useful in fulfilling your cultural and artistic goals.

Remember, you are valuable AND you should be valued by others.

Ensure that you are receiving fair pay/compensation for your work. Artists should not make only minimum wage ($14.00/hour) but you should be highly regarded as an important contributor to the history of 'Canada'.


Véronique Brunet
 Notes/Comments To whom this may concern,

My name is Véronique Brunet and I am a teacher at Ste-Foy Elementary school (in Quebec city). I am the art representative for my school. I have an idea that is still at the embryonic stage. I am looking for an indigenous artist or team that could help me define my project with the goal of helping students incorporate indigenous values into their school spaces.