Donna Peeteetuce

Donna Peeteetuce

Donna Peeteetuce


I learned to bead from a Indigenous dream interpreter during my stay at a women's shelter for abused women in southern Saskatchewan. This story was published in a magazine called Indian Country in the USA.

I am an advocate for abused women and all my beadwork comes from this perspective. I learned to change all the negative energy that I experienced while going through abusive relationships into some of the most beautiful, unique, colourful, fresh pieces.

I did grow up with beaders around me; my late mom beaded vamps for moccasins, mucklucks, gloves and vests while living in Thompson Manitoba. My kukoms also beaded and sewed in northern Saskatchewan (James Smith Cree Nation & Beardy's/Okemasis Cree Nation) but I didn't learn from them as I was young when they passed away.

I was noticed on Instagram and did have my work go down a few fashion show runways. My main page is on Facebook (Skydon Beadwork) and I am incredibly grateful for the opportunities my culture has given me. It's been an exciting journey. I am known for mini moccasin earrings, large unique beaded earrings and Peyote stitch beadwork.

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