Remembering Amy Willier

The 2022 conference is in memory of our friend, Amy Willier. Amy was a powerful advocate for Indigenous women, a powerhouse knowledge keeper and remarkable friend. On Friday, January 22, 2021, Amelia "Amy" Nora Willier passed away in Calgary, Alberta at the age of 38 leaving behind her young son, her mom, her nephew and many more family and friends. Amy was the proud owner of Moonstone Creation in Calgary and was one of the most spectacular artists I've ever known. She will be missed and we send our warmth to Yvonne Jobin, Moonstone Creation.

We also sadly acknowledge that we are missing our friend, Donnell Taylor; a kind man, and remarkable artist.

In planning for our 2019 conference, I was led by our sister Lesley Parlane (Yuzicapi), Yellowbird Woman. Lesley died before our conference dates arrived. July 7, 1978 - November 24, 2018 

Remembering you, loving you, missing you...


Free Workshops for Indigenous Women.

There were over 2 dozen workshops for Indigenous women including:

We give photo credits to Brandy Bloxom, Marjorie Skidders

and some are snapshots from participants.


Discover Your Cultural Property in the Museum Archives

In partnership with the Canadian Museum of History, we have access to the archives where thousands of our grandmothers', grandfathers' and ancestors' work is stored.

Discover ancient beadwork, basketry, sacred items, artifacts, regalia and more - all belonging to us and kept by the institution.

Did you know that Indigenous people can access the museum and archives for free? Call the Canadian Museum of History to book your visit.

Indigenous Women's Ceremony and Feast

We will gather in ceremony and eat together in the Great Hall of the Canadian Museum of History.

Led by Kanien'kaháka, Wolf Clan, Jonel Beauvais we will enjoy an evening of local performers including throat singers, dancers and vocalists.

With our funding, the IACC chooses to include as many Indigenous women as possible. We will not have famous headliners at this event, we will have real, talented women from our own communities - we will uplift and value all the gifts that we carry in our very own communities.

More info here...


October 14 & 15, 2022 | Canadian Museum of History.

Archive Tours

Identifying, Reclaiming and Revitalizing Indigenous Arts and Culture.

The collections, which take up 4 kilometers of shelf space, date from the 1860s to the present and consist of Indigenous archaeological specimens, sacred items, artifacts including basketry, regalia, beaded items, musical transcriptions and more.

Participants will tour and identify works created in Indigenous communities across the Turtle Island.

Reception & Feast

October 15, 2022,

Great Hall, Canadian Museum of History, 6-10pm. Indigenous Women's Arts Conference Women's Honour Ceremony.

Hosted by Kanien'kehá:ka (Wolf Clan) Matriarch Jonel Beauvais.

Full Buffet

This is an alcohol free event.


Theresa Bear Fox and the Haudenosaunee Women's Singers, Throat Singers Nina Segalowitz and Niap (Nancy) Saunders, Hoop Dancer Faryn King, singer Mikayla Francis, Lyon's Sisters Métis Dance Troupe and more! See performer and presenter profiles HERE!


October 15th, Great Hall, Canadian Museum of History


October 15-16th, 2022 | St.Laurent Shopping Centre, Ottawa

Traditional Arts Workshops

Willis College, St.Laurent Shopping Centre, Ottawa

Over 26 workshops including: black ash basketry, ribbon skirts, drums, painting, porcupine quilling, caribou tufting, beaded feathers, moccasins and more.

Indigenous Arts Marketplace

Everyone is welcome to SHOP! Over 80 vendors and cultural performances all day!

Vendors space for IACC Members. To apply for IACC Membership:

  All vendors are First Nations, Métis or Inuit and are vetted and members of the IACC. All products are hand made. No medicines or sacred items can be sold. Preference given to women.