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Tammy Beers Neon Birch Works Indigenous Art

Neon Birch Works

Tammy Beers

Anishinaabe/Chippewa, Rama First Nation

Neon Birch Works is an Indigenous (Anishinaabe/Chippewa) owned jewellery brand based in Toronto. Owner/designer Tammy Beers is a member of Rama First Nation.

Tammy first learned how to make fringe earrings from an Ojibwe woman she was sharing a hospital room with when she was ill as a teenager. Nearly ten years later, she was taught how to use a bead loom from her Anishinaabe friend and classmate at First Nations House at the University of Toronto. During her university years, she made her own jewellery and gifts for friends and family.

More than ten years after that, Tammy registered her business, Neon Birch Works, and began selling her work online and in Toronto jewellery stores, and has designed custom beadwork for businesses including Cheekbone Beauty.

Her growing brand includes a great deal of beaded loom work. She draws inspiration primarily from Anishinaabe culture, nature, city life, fashion, and art deco design. Her brand can be described as chic and sometimes quirky, as Tammy follows wherever her creativity leads.

Tammy Beers Neon Birch Works Indigenous Art

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