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The IACC is an Indigenous women led not for profit organization with head office based on unsurrendered and unceeded Algonquin territory (what is now known as Ottawa, Ontario, Canada).

We are honoured to live and work with the Algonquin nation as well as nearby Kanien'kehá:ka (Mohawk) nations of Akwesasne and Kahnawake.

The IACC uplifts Indigenous women and artists from all territories across Turtle Island and beyond.

Like the warm Sun shines, the Moon glows, the Waters run and the Grass grows for everyone on Mother Earth, we see no borders. We cannot live within the scribbled colonial lines.

We are all volunteers. Please reach out by email.

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For all general and membership inquiries please email us at:

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Image: Pat Bruderer Half Moon Woman, Birch Bark Biter.

Birch bark biting is done by biting onto a very thin layer of birch bark to create a beautiful image using the artists’ teeth. It was practiced by most First Nations people across Turtle Island (Canada). Traditionally, it was used for mapping routes/landmarkes, recording stories, and as a template for quill work, bead work, and embroidery patterns.