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The board of the IACC is presently comprised of 3 directors. Directors serve as volunteers and are required to participate in board meetings annually (subject to change). Directors are expected to participate in at least one other committee of the board (finance, planning, marketing, governance, etc.). Time dedicated per year can be expected to be over 30 hours and members are required to attend a minimum of 3 meetings per year including the AGM.

Applications are being accepted from interested members of the Indigenous (FNMI) arts community to fill a vacancy. Applicants must have a personal mandate to teach and protect Indigenous art forms and artists no matter logistics, social or economics status. Applicants must identify as an Indigenous artist or demonstrate commitment to the advancement of Indigenous artists and art forms.

Beginning immediately, the IACC will be reviewing and selecting new board member(s).

Please complete the following application for consideration by the board members of the IACC.

*Please note, this application is best done on a computer. Because you are able to load photos, it will take a long time to process (depending on the size of the photos).

When you click to 'submit' the form, please be very patient, it may take a long time to respond but you will come to a page that says your form is submitted.

If you don't know if your form has properly submitted, please reach out to

Application to serve as director (volunteer board member) of the board of the Indigenous Arts Collective of Canada – a Canada registered not-for-profit organization (Corp. #9469869) and National Arts Service Organization designation from Heritage Canada (registered charity).

Please complete the following application for consideration by the board members of the IACC.

Applications are not based on formal education. Education also encompasses studying under Elders, Knowledge Keepers, family members and community. Please indicate any relevant education pertaining to the organizational mandate, finance, planning or governance.
If you have been a volunteer for any community organization or group (non-profit, charity, community gatherings, outreach programs, sharing circles, social justice, etc.)
Are you a member of or on a board of directors for any other organizations? If so, please list organization, position and duration of membership.
Please make notes below on what you can contribute to the IACC and it’s mandate.
This is a volunteer position. Please note here any time restrictions or the amount of time weekly that you would be able to participate in assisting the IACC. Directors are required to be active and attend meetings.
Please list name and contact information of people who could provide a reference for you.
The personal information requested on the application form is only being collected by the IACC to evaluate the suitability of potential candidates for nomination to the board of directors. Personal information will not be shared with any other people or organizations.
Questions about the application or use of personal information should be directed to the Indigenous Arts Collective of Canada