Amanda Crocker

Amanda Crocker

K’omoks First Nations

Amanda Crocker, lives and works in Courtenay, B.C. which is within the beautiful unceded territory of the K’omoks First Nations. She has grown up in the Comox Valley and she considers it to be her home.  Her background consists of English, French, Irish, Scottish and First Nations ancestry. She is Coast Salish and is also a member of the Penelakut tribe. Her First Nations ancestry comes from her father who currently resides on Penelakut Island (Kuper Island) and grew up on Galiano Island. In 2014, as she was struggling with her health, she got through the year by discovering her love of creating. She is a self taught designer and creator who has always loved the arts.

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"When I was a young child, my father made me a Dreamcatcher. He harvested a willow branch and created a hoop, then weaved, added beads and created the most mesmorizing item I own. I have cherished and carried my treasured dreamcatcher with me over the years.This is where I get the passion of creating art, dreamcatchers and jewellery." - Amanda Crocker

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