Amy Willier

Amy Willier, beading, artist, wolf, pass the feather, aboriginal arts and collective

Amy Willier

Amy Willier

Woodland Cree, Sucker Creek First Nation

It is with great sadness that we acknowledge the death of our friend, Amy.

She has traveled to Spirit World and will be dearly missed by many including her mom and young son.

We leave this page as a memorial to her beautiful work and it is our understanding that Moonstone Creation lives on in her memory.

Contact Moonstone Creation for information on workshops or to purchase amazing, authentic, Indigenous art.

Amy has spent her life under the tutelage of her mother, Yvonne Jobin.  She has learned how to tan hides, do beadwork and many other ancient art forms. Amy has taken the traditional arts and brought them into the future with her artistic creativity.  She specializes in beadwork, leather work, painting and fish scale art. Amy co-owns Moonstone Creation, with her mother, Amy is head of the marketing and sales.

Amy Willier, beader, beadwork, fish scale, jewelry, leatherwork, quillwork, tufting, workshops, Indigenous Artist, First Nations, Indigenous Arts Collective of Canada, Pass The Feather

Amy loves to teach others about her culture when they come into the gallery. Moonstone Creation is a truly authentic Indigenous Art Gallery, where most of the items are made right in store. Yvonne had a home based business and opened the gallery with her daughter Amy, June 8, 2009, and have continued to grow ever since. We started representing just a handful of artists and now we represent over fifty Aboriginal Arts, primarily from Western Canada. Our passion is to inspire other artists, to teach people the value of our traditional Art forms and to continue to create authentic art ourselves.

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Learn Traditional Art Forms from Cree knowledge keeper,  Amy Willier. 

Traditional Beadwork: Join in with the growing number of people who are finding beading to be a relaxing, centering experience.  Learn one or more of the various methods of beadwork:  Applique; floral or geometric, Lazy Stitch, Loom or Peyote.

Beadwork Tutorial Sessions: Two hour beadwork session, bring your project that you need to finish, or tips on how to start.  This tutorial is geared towards YOU- on what you want to learn,  any type of beadwork is available for tutorial.

Ceremonial Drums: Create your own ceremonial drum that will assist you in tuning into your inner voice and the vibration of Mother Earth.  Drumming raises your inner awareness, brings healing and helps to build community.

Moccasin Making: Make yourself or your loved one a pair of moccasins. Decorate with beadwork if you already have the skill and finish in a variety of styles.

Medicine Bag Workshop: Make your very own medicine bag, and learn about what can go inside.  Beading experience required.