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Desiree Sinicrope -Beaded Pooh Bear Moccasins

Desiree Sinicrope

Desiree Sinicrope

Algonquin Anishinaabe kwe, Ontario

As an Algonquin Anishnabe kwe, my journey in discovering traditional art forms began when I was taught to bead and sew at Nbisiing Secondary School, located in Nipissing First Nation. Today, I am so grateful for those teachings, and I continue to pass them on by facilitating workshops at local educational institutes and schools.

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Mainly using the two-needle beading method, I continue to make beaded earrings and beaded regalia sets. My grandmother has shared with me many of the beautifully beaded floral pieces she’s made during her lifetime. This provides me with immense inspiration and a love for beading Anishinaabe florals.

My passion for sewing ribbon skirts is fairly recent. My aunt has encouraged me to pursue sewing, attend ceremony, round dances, and pow wows regularly. I hope to carry on teachings from her, by sharing them with my own children and cousins, nieces, nephews.


Desiree has taught and facilitated:

- Beaded Earring Workshops

-Two-Needle Technique Workshops

- Orange Shirt Pins Workshops

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