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Eliska Podsednik | Mahkesîs Creations, Indigenous Arts Collective of Canada, Native American Art, First Nations Art

Eliska Podsednik

Eliska (Ellie) Podsednik

Metis Nation of Alberta

Mahkesîs Creations is a small, woman-run business specializing in handmade jewellery and art.

Ellie, the Métis artist behind Mahkesîs Creations has always been an artsy gal. As a child, she spent time with her dad collecting stamps. Having an affinity for small, collectible items never really disappeared.

Throughout Ellie's teenage years, she continued to dabble in different artistic media, from crocheting to wire wrapping. Having been raised without Métis or Indigenous culture in the home, it was only in her late 20's that she took up Indigenous crafting.

The Native Studies course at the University of Alberta, a land-based course which featured porcupine quillwork, was one of many unique and interesting experiences that presented themselves and connected Ellie to her Indigenous heritage and Indigenous art.

Four years later, Ellie is honoured to share her beadwork with others who appreciate Indigenous art and the jewellery she creates.

Art is a continuous journey of self discovery, and Ellie continues to expand her horizons, experimenting with new media as a well of defining herself and continuing on her life-long journey of (re)connecting with her Indigenous culture.

Eliska Podsednik, Mahkesîs Creations, Indigenous Art

Buy their work at...

The I.AM. Collective booth at the Indigenous Peoples Experience at Fort Edmonton Park, the Edmonton Downtown Farmer's Market, and their website Mahkesîs Creations.