Gabrielle Beaupre

Gabrielle Beaupre

Gabrielle Beaupre

Sapoteweyak Cree Nation

My name is Gabi Beaupre, I'm the creator behind Wet Earth Creations. I am based in Brandon, MB. I began beading in November 2020, I am self-taught with the help of YouTube videos & posting questions in beading groups. I am so grateful for those who have shared with me. I continue to learn from the beading/indigenous community.

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I grew up mostly disconnected from my culture. Teachings I did receive were forgotten over time as I separated from my roots. Beading helps me reconnect to my roots. It helps me work through the waves of my healing journey. It connects me to myself.

Beading teaches me. Patience. A more positive way of thinking & viewing the world. It teaches me to sit with myself. Beading has been so healing. It brings me so much joy & I hope to share that.

Why Wet Earth?

When I was thinking of what to call myself, I thought of how I'd like my creations to make people feel. Peaceful. Calm. Grounded. Empowered. Connected. The smell of Wet Earth makes me think of these things. Makes me feel these things. I am also a Cancer Sun & Virgo Moon. I put my heart into these creations, it feels so fitting.

Hiy Hiy! Thank you for checking out my work!