Jasmine Chowace-Caffyn 

Jasmine Chowace-Caffyn Indigenous Art

Jasmine Chowace-Caffyn 

Jasmine Chowace-Caffyn 

Sturgeon Lake Cree Nation

My name is Jasmine Chowace-Caffyn and I am a Cree artist from Alberta. I am woodland Cree by blood on my Mother's side, however, I am connected to the plains Cree through my partner's family.

This connection to my Cree heritage has inspired me to honour my culture, which includes learning the language, participating in ceremony, and sharing my art with the world.

My style is a mix of contemporary pop culture pieces, such as video game characters, and west coast style abstracts. My favourite medium is paper, pencil, and high quality markers. I also like to use an app called Polar for digital editing such as creating mirror images or overlays.

I am currently studying for my BScience degree at the University of British Columbia.

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