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Vanessa Brousseau

Vanessa Brousseau

Inuk, Nunavut

Vanessa is a family member and survivor of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls and Two Spirit. As an Indigenous woman, Vanessa has experienced abuse, neglect, racism and poverty.

Vanessa's business was created based on Elders providing her with their scrap seal fur and their belief in making beautiful creations. The Elders in Vanessa's life have had the biggest impact on her creations and have helped her evolve as an artist. Vanessa will forever be grateful to all of them.

Resilient Inuk Creations has received notice of Certificate of Inuit Firm Status for the year of 2023. Nunavut Tunngavik Incorporated certifies that Resilient Inuk Creations is an Inuit firm pursuant to Article 24 of the Nunavut Agreement.

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