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Tealey Kasennisaks Normandin

Tealey Kasennisaks Normandin


Tealey Products and The honey Lodge specialize in leather crafts, bee keeping and selling natural honey products. Their hand made Native crafts are sewn with love and the honey products will tease your sweet tooth. They originated in Kahnawake, Quebec, and they deliver in town as well. Tealey Ka‘senni:saks is a Mohawk adoptee, Bear Clan, from Kahnawake, Quebec, and mother of three grown children.

Tealey Normandin, Tealey Products & The Honey Lodge, honey, Indigenous Artist, First Nations, Indigenous Arts Collective of Canada, Pass The Feather

Tealey studied Photography, at an early age, at the Dawson Institute of Photography in Montreal. Her love for taking photos and using her creativity have remained a continuous enlightening force over the years as she also used this skill throughout her completion of her B.A. in Applied Human sciences/Sociology from Concordia University. Credited as the official photographer for Dimock & Kass; Leading and Managing Dynamic Groups 4e (Captus press 2008), Tealey continues to use photography today to record her work as a beekeeper and create awareness for the endangered Honey Bee.

The Honey Lodge, a small family run business, can be found on Facebook with a portfolio of photographs taken by Tealey with her handy cell phone, proving that creativity is released through the eyes of the photographer. Tealey also offers sensitivity training and cultural awareness as a guest tutor/lecturer with the McGill faculty of Medicine, McGill School of Social work and the Institute for the Study of International Development McGill University.

For several years, Tealey has been facilitating the KAIROS Blanket Exercise and enjoys bringing this teaching to high schools, Colleges/Universities as well as community organizations, hospitals and various church groups. An active member/ Director of the Indigenous Survivors of Child Welfare Network she participates in national gatherings and advocates for native adoptees. Tealey participates in Traditional ceremonies, Sweat Lodge ceremonies and has been a Fire keeper for sacred fire over 9 years.

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