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Indigenous Arts Conference 2019 | Vendor Assessment
Your suggestions are very important to me. To help me improve the next Indigenous Arts Conference, please complete this form and submit.
Your name will help us to solve specific problems with your participation. This is optional.
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To evaluate your input, please define your participation in the IAC.
How did you contact and register as a vendor at the IAC?
If you were a vendor at the IAC, please rate the ease of registration.
Did the organizer effectively communication the rules, directions and conditions of being a vendor?
Do you think vendor spaces should be free?
Was the loading and unloading area easy to find and your booth easy to access?
We designed the vendor spaces in a ceremonial circle with an Eastern Door. In the middle, it was important to have a dedication to women who could not attend (those who have passed, missing women and murdered women). How did you feel about the vendor set up?
This was a Indigenous women's conference. Would you like to have women only as vendors?
The St. Laurent Mall had certain restrictions for our art market. We were each given one 6 foot table, table cloth and chair(s). As a vendor, did you have enough space?
The St. Laurent Shopping Centre was a donated space for our conference. Did you enjoy being set up in a mall?
Were you happy with the number of vendors that were set up at the IAC?
As a first time venue, we are interested in your success. How were your sales?
If the conference and marketplace is in the same place and at the same time next year, will you return? This was the first Indigenous Arts Conference - we value your opinion.
Examples: I liked the dates. I liked the environment. I liked the other vendors. I did great sales.
Examples: I did not like the venue. I did not like the organizer. I did not have good sales. I did not like the vendor spaces.
Your input is valuable.
Thank you so much for taking the time to complete this form. This will help us improve our conference and better serve our Indigenous artists.