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Eleanor Partridge

Eleanor Partridge


I am an Inuk artist, originally from Kuijjuaq, QC, Nunavik. I grew up in the North and moved to the South at 14. I now live in rural Ontario, near Ottawa.

I mostly work with beads and polymer clay to make beautiful and intricate earrings that are inspired from traditional Inuit designs. I’ve incorporated many polymer clay earring-making techniques to bring together traditional and modern styles. A lot of my work is based around the berries you can pick in the North, including akpiks and crowberries.

I also embroider earrings and create small tapestries that draw inspiration from the surroundings I remember in Kuijjuaq.

I first learned how to bead and embroider from my older sister when I was a teenager. She has shown me how to make cultural designs and inspires me with her own beadwork.


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