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Kelly Back Fire Loom Creations -Beaded Loom Sash and Orange Outfit

Kelly Back

Kelly Back

Mohawk, Akwesasne Ontario

Hello, my name is Kelly, and I am a Mohawk woman from the community of Akwesasne and from the Turtle clan family. I grew up hands on and taught myself various crafts including some beadwork. I was very good at seeing a craft and figuring out how to put it together myself.

I continued beading as an adult, and even taught some beaded loom workshops in university to help other students relieve stress through art.

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For our wedding, I made my husband my first beaded loomed belt as a gift. Since then, we have made over 150 custom belts for people to wear at ceremonies, weddings, graduations, showcases or even just for fashion. We have been in multiple fashion shows, won awards, made museum pieces, and now travel for demonstration events. I do the beadwork and my husband helps with the leather work process.

When we make our belts, we first meet with our customer, get to know them, have them describe what they want on their belt, and then we create the design and bead. Sometimes our customers want certain symbolism on their belts to help represent the person wearing it. Almost like making their life story on their belts. I love beading. It is therapeutic and healing for me, especially knowing that I am making someone happy when handing them their finished creation. We take great pride and honor with our beaded belts.

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