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Marleen Murphy

Marleen Murphy

Mohawk, Tyendinaga First Nation

My name is Marleen Murphy, I am a Mohawk artist currently residing on Tyendinaga First Nation. My work is recognized all over Ontario and is unique and boasts the newest Mohawk Pottery Design. My pieces can be seen at many pow wows, conferences and events across Canada along with Trading Posts to whom I sell wholesale.

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I teach classes in my own community of Tyendinaga and have visited other communities and schools to teach my art and culture. All of my pieces are hand crafted from Earthenware Clay and molds, and are kiln fired. I hand paint each piece using techniques that I have learned over many years. Many of my pieces contain sweetgrass scented waxes (with cedar wick) which are also hand made. Millside Ceramics is located on Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory since 1998.