Nish Nabie

Stanley Moore (Nish Nabie)

Anishinaabe, Ontario

I've been carving professionally for approximately 10 years. I am a self-taught artist.

My first carvings were of deer and sold out almost immediately! This encouraged me to continue, and I began carving moose, a very important part of my culture.

My work naturally gravitated to eagles, bears, wolves & beaver; animals I had seen as a young boy living an Indigenous life with my grandparents in Northern Quebec.

As my skills have grown, I have taught myself to carve jewelry from moose & deer antler sheds. Our culture uses as much of the animal as possible, avoiding waste where possible. From creating smaller pieces, I've been commissioned to create large sculptures.

I'm currently carving animals representing the Seven Grandfather Teachings that are being cast in bronze and permanently displayed on marble in Riverview Front Park in Mississippi Mills, Ontario, in collaboration with other artists to celebrate the Mississippi Bicentennial 2023.


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