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The Indigenous Women's Arts Conference will be held October 28 & 29, 2023.

The monumental Indigenous Arts Marketplace will be at the St.Laurent Shopping Centre, Ottawa!

So get ready to meet each other, learn together and do your CHRISTMAS SHOPPING at this one of a kind Indigenous women's gathering!

Learn more about Indigenous Women's Arts Conference!

2023 Vendor Application Now Closed

Vendor Application

Now closed for 2023

Indigenous Arts Marketplace

Indigenous Women's Arts Conference

October 28 & 29, 2023

St.Laurent Shopping Centre, Ottawa

Now closed for 2023

Space is FREE for IACC members!! Vendors must donate one gift to the IACC.

You must be a member of the Indigenous Arts Collective of Canada.

If you don't know if you are a member, search HERE

If you are not a member, you may apply for free HERE.

Important to know...

  • First priority goes to women; then we open tables to male artists in October,
  • All vendors will be supplied a table, tablecloth and two chairs,
  • No additional display is permitted (except what fits on top of your table),
  • No electricity available,
  • Vendor set up begins at 7:30 am, Saturday, October 28th • MUST be set up by 9am, ready to sell,
  • Vendor tear down begins at 5pm, Sunday, October 29th • MUST fold table/chairs/tablecloths, all garbage picked up by 6:30 pm,
  • Women are allowed to bring their partners (regardless of gender) to help with vendor tables in the mall but IACC membership artists are required to be working at their table at all times.

The Indigenous Arts Marketplace is Saturday, October 28 & Sunday, October 29th.

MAPS AVAILABLE! For maps & more information about the Indigenous Women's Arts Conference, click HERE

Please complete the form below. You will be assigned a table ...and it's not negotiable :).

You will be given directions to the nearest unloading/loading entrance once your application is processed. Entrances are very close by and we will have some helpers for you.

Questions? Email:

We can't wait to see you!!!!

Indigenous Women's Arts Conference Vendor Application
If you are NOT a member, you cannot apply for a vendor table. You can apply for free membership. See the links above.
Women take priority at the Indigenous Women's Conference. Applications for people who do not identify as Indigenous women will be reviewed in October and if there is space, we will reach out.
Enter your Indigenous territory, nation or membership here.
If you have a website, Facebook page, Etsy page, etc., please enter it here.
If you have a website, Facebook page, Etsy page, etc., please enter it here.
If you have a website, Facebook page, Etsy page, etc., please enter it here.
Please write a short biography here. Describe where you learned your art form (Elder, community, school, family, etc.) and your workshop experience. This will be used for IACC marketing material and handouts.
Please describe what you intend to sell. Note: all products must be hand made with most materials sourced on Turtle Island (whenever possible). No sacred items, no medicines allowed (contact us with questions). This will be used for IWAC marketing material and handouts.
The Arts Marketplace will take place on a Saturday and Sunday at St.Laurent Shopping Centre. Vendors must be present both days. Saturday hours: 9:00am-8pm. Sunday hours: 10:30am-5pm. Someone must be working your booth at all times during the conference. See details above for set up and tear down times.
It is required that all materials be sourced on Turtle Island (North America) with the exception of beads/needles/threads, etc. Are all of your materials hand made and sourced on Turtle Island? If you have questions about what you may sell at this event, please email
If only 'some' of your materials are sourced on Turtle Island, please list exceptions here and reason for use. You do not have to list beads/thread/needles/cabs, etc. We are looking for people who want to sell things that are mass produced such as t-shirts, blankets, buttons, etc.

We will create a conference booklet that will promote you as an artist in our Indigenous Arts Marketplace. Please make sure you’ve given us your website links above and include a photo of yourself and the best photos of your work.

All vendors are required to donate one gift from your table. This gift must have a minimum retail value of $25. Please upload the photo of your gift here. Make this a great picture! It'll be used in the conference guide book.
Please upload photos of your work here.
Please upload photos of your work here. This may be used for a published booklet of IACC members/vendors.
Please upload photos of your work here. This may be used for a published booklet of IACC members/vendors.
If you have anything to add to your application, please add below.
Your Vendor Application is appreciated. Please check below to acknowledge your commitment. We will reach out to you by email.
reCAPTCHA is required.



Covid-19 is still a threat to our Elders and those whose health is compromised.

Everyone who attends this conference will do what they can to stop the spread.

Unvaccinated people will wear masks and/or distance themselves from others.

There will be preventive tools to stop the spread, please use everything available to you including

hand sanitizer, masks, hand washing and social distancing are required.