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Burlington Tooshkenig

Burlington Tooshkenig


I learned how to make sweetgrass baskets from my grandmother. I learned the skill as a child, and it has been a great part of my artistry ever since.

Sweetgrass basketry in my home community was almost lost as a result of the skills not being passed on to the next generations. Thankfully there has been a resurgence of various traditional skills, with basketry being one of them.

I am also a self taught quill artist. I acquired an old basket, took it apart and reassembled it completed restored. This was my first quill teacher. Since then, I have become proficient at the skill and now pass it to the next generation.

It is my goal to learn more dying art forms and teach them as I develop skills.



Burlington is a teacher and facilitator of:
       -Sweetgrass Basketry workshops
       -Quillwork workshops

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