Melissa Roberts

Melissa Roberts

Melissa Roberts

Attawapiskat, Ontario

Melissa Roberts is Chippewa (Ojibwe Nation), Swampy Cree and Mohawk. Melissa learned her skills starting at a young age. Her Cree side of the family ware crafters and she was inspired to make things all the time. Her skills really flourished at various Indigenous camps she attended as a child.

Melissa is a representative of an Indigenous Women's Collective called Ishkode, based out of Durham Region. All of the artists in this collective are Indigenous, and include:


Vicky Rozentals- A self taught Mi'gmaw and Metis wood burner. Vicky started on her families personal paddles and found she had a great skill for burning. She went on to attend an Indigenous Entrepreneur Masterclass at Madahoki Farm in Ottawa this past year.

Kristina Langevin- An Ojibwe and Algonquin beader from Alderville and Kebaowek. Kristina went to a local Indigenous arts program in the summer of 2022 and found she was a great beader. She is currently getting mentored by a local Elder and doing workshops for the city of Pickering.



As a collective, Ishkode offers:

- Wood burning workshops by Vicky

- Art and beading workshops

- Sewing workshop (coming soon)

Please contact artist for details, pricing, and availability, or visit to book a workshop.

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