Robyn Ivory Pierson

Robyn Ivory Pierson

Robyn Ivory Pierson

Anishinaabe, Curve Lake First Nation, Ontario

Robyn Ivory Pierson is a proud Anishinaabe mother of three from Curve Lake First Nation.

As the owner and creator of Indigenously Infused, she has dedicated her life to promoting and sharing the beauty of Indigenous culture through her products.

What began as healing for herself, has turned into a full-time career and life long learning journey. Incorporating her teaching degree, Robyn also facilitates workshops which teach about the sacred medicines and contemporary methods of art with the medicines. Including candle making and liquid smudge (mist) making.



Robyn is a teacher and facilitator of:

- Candle making workshops

-Liquid smudge (mist) making workshops

-Sacred Medicines workshops

- Indigenously Infused product making workshops

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