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Nevin Jarvis

Nevin Jarvis

Sawridge Cree Band, Alberta

My name is Nevin Jarvis, and I am a Cree artist from Lloydminster, AB.

I paint dreamy landscapes full of colour and wildlife from my home province of Alberta.

I hope that my work helps people remember all those who have lived on this land before us and makes them look at the land in a different light.

These paintings help me connect with my grandpa. The paintings are inspired by the stories he has told me, as well as quality time spent in nature.

I love travelling, and spending time with my family and dogs. My sisters and I go on hiking trips to the Alberta Rockies as much as we can, and every trip is even more incredible than the last. I have also found much wisdom in books by Robin Wall Kimmerer and Asha Frost.

Connecting to my ancestral roots is something that is important to me, and I am always happy to learn more. Some things I do to connect to my artistic spirit is to spend time in nature, respect all life on Earth, and -as my grandfather taught me, dance with the northern lights when you see them.

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