Ravennah Spade

Ravennah Spade

Ravennah (Raven) Spade

Ojibways of Whitsand First Nation and Fort William First Nation

Boozhoo, my anishnabwe name is Rising Sun Woman and I come from Whitsand First Nation, but I currently reside in Ottawa, ON. I am Ojibway and Loon Clan, however, my father’s side of the family are the Solomons from Fort William First Nation.

I stared beading in my early teens, first learning to create the daisy chain. My late grandmother also imparted her sewing knowledge of making moccasins, leather mitts, and sewing regalia.

I was told once to keep true to who you are, so in my beadwork you will see a lot of florals, plants, and animals you see in the bush. My main focus is beadwork, but I also love to sew. I make ribbon skirts, regalia, vests, tote bags and even quilts.

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Ravennah is a teacher and facilitator of:

- Sewing workshops

- Ribbon skirt making workshops

- Ribbon shirt making workshops

- Vest making workshops

- Regalia making workshops

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