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Ullaakkut! Zorga Qaunaujunga, Iglulingmiutaujunga.

I am a multidisciplinary artist - I do tattooing, graphic art, jewelry, workshops, storytelling and more! Tatiggat is one of my namesakes - she was my great grandmother from Igloolik. She was creative and very loved. I feel so connected to her when I’m being myself.

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I grew up in Iglulik, Nunavut until the age of ten, then I moved to Ottawa with family for school. I went to Canterbury Arts Highschool, which allowed me to explore many different art forms - dance, drama, writing, video and media arts, and visual art.

Although I am mostly self-taught, I have had many mentors and fellow Inuit artists throughout the years teach me many different things. I developed skills in a wide range of materials, from sealskin and different kinds of animal fur, to drawing and illustration, printmaking, video creation, podcasting, and hand-poke tattooing. I am project-oriented and thrive off of switching up what I’m doing often.

In 2023 after working at Nunavut Sivuniksavut for a decade, I decided to pursue art as a serious career. I look forward to exploring my Inukness through my art. I incorporate Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit in my work.

So here I am, living my best life! I hope you enjoy your visit into my world! I appreciate you! Qujannamiik!

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