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Rikki Singleton

Rikki Singleton

Ojibway & Cree, Migisi Sahgaigan First Nation

Aaniin [Hello], my name is Rikki Singleton, and my small business is Riksworks. I am an urban Indigenous artist (Ojibway and Cree) currently living in Mississauga and am from the Migisi Sahgaigan [Eagle Lake] First Nation, in Treaty 3 Territory.

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Learning to bead, start a small business, and share my craft and skills has been a wonderful journey! I’ve been lucky to meet and spend time with amazing people that inspire me to be better and put goodness out in the world. My work is inspired by the world around me, I like to travel and take inspiration for colours from the beautiful waters, forests, and structures I see along the way.

I have been fortunate enough to have many teachers in my beading journey, starting from an early age with small beading craft kits that family members would gift me, to my mother teaching me how to do a double loop and cone beaded earring style and giving me supplies! Over the last couple years, I have found community members to show me different styles of beading, such as peyote stitch, flat stitch, wrap stitch, and who have encouraged me to incorporate materials such as felt, metal triangles and rhinestone banding into my work.

I love beadwork and the community I have found along this path, there are so many talented artists out there and I always feel honoured when I am asked by someone how to do something and can share knowledge to help them create art.


Rikki is a teacher and facilitator of:

-Beading Workshops

-Fringe Earring Workshops

-Wrap Stitch Keychain Workshops

-Orange Shirt Pin Workshops

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