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Stephanie Babij

Stephanie Babij

Ojibwe, Ontario

Stephanie Babij (she/her) is an urban-Indigenous visual artist of Ojibwe and Ukrainian/other mixed-settler heritage. Originally from Sudbury, with maternal roots and a member of Wikwemikong Unceded First Nation, she now makes her home in Unceded Algonquin Territory/Ottawa.

Stephanie was unfortunately not able to be raised steeped in teachings, on the land, or surrounded by the strength and love of community, but throughout adolescence and adulthood she has been slowly making her way back to these - with a long road ahead.


Stephanie’s visual arts practice includes both solo and community-engaged murals, acrylic paintings, beading, and wood-burned art pieces. Her self-taught artistic expression reflects both her personal healing journey and cultural reclamation. Stephanie’s visual storytelling is guided by her dreams and awareness of her subconscious. Through her art, Stephanie tries to blend her background in environmental science with her deep love of the natural world. In her work you will find elements of Indigenous teachings, animals, plants, and the celebration of women’s bodies. The pieces that she creates call people to honor their relationship with the land and welcome dialogues about climate justice and living ethically with creation.

As her journey continues to unfold, Stephanie looks forward to refining her creative skills, and supporting others to find their own healing through art.

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Please visit to view Stephanie’s work, or contact them for any inquiries.

You can also find Stephanie’s work at local vendor’s markets in Ottawa, including:

-Madahoki Farm Marketplace

- Summer Solstice Powwow at Madahoki Farm

- Indigenous Women's Art Market at the National Arts Centre

All upcoming market dates will be visible and announced on Stephanie’s Instagram page.


Stephanie is a teacher and facilitator of:

- Community Engaged Murals or Community Public Art

Stephanie has facilitated these community engaged art workshops with schools, community organizations and not-for-profits in Ottawa, Gatineau, and Quebec.

Please contact artist for details, pricing, and availability.

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