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Tanya Keech

Tanya Keech

Mississauga First Nation

My name is Tanya Keech, I am a Maukwa Dodem artist currently living in Chapleau, ON but born on Mississauga First Nation. I find creating to be both meditative and calming. My art provides me a profound connection to nature and all Mother Earth has to offer. In my quest to reduce my carbon footprint, I began to recycle/up-cycle many products into unique gifts and rustic home decor.

Tanya Keech, Homespun Naturals by Tanya, dreamcatchers, jewelry, workshops, Indigenous Artist, First Nations, Indigenous Arts Collective of Canada, Pass The Feather

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Tanya is a teacher and facilitator of:

- Dreamcatcher Workshops

- Beading Workshops (Jewelry)

Tanya is willing and capable of traveling for facilitation.

Please contact artist for details, pricing, and availability.