Wennekerakon Tiewishaw-Poirier

Wennekerakon Tiewishaw-Poirier -Cartoon Indigenous Character

Wennekerakon Tiewishaw-Poirier

Wennekerakon Tiewishaw-Poirier

Mohawk from Kanehsatake, Québec

Shé:kon, my name is Wennekerakon Tiewishaw and I am a Mohawk Digital artist from Kanehsatake.

I grew up in a very traditional family that instilled strong connections to my culture and identity. It was during my childhood that I was taught all kinds of artistry from many different people. I learned gardening and ceremony from my father, traditional dancing and singing from my school and teachers, and basket weaving and beadwork from workshops in my community and from my sisters.

Wennekerakon Tiewishaw-Poirier -Profile

I went to Kahnawake Survival School and had wonderful teachers including Owisokon Lahache and Tewenhni'token Sharrow, who taught me art and Mohawk language classes. I then went on to graduate from Concordia University in the Child Studies program. I worked with children with the aim to provide early childhood experiences that were rooted in culture and Native ways of knowing. It was while I was working in this sector that I realized my passion for art and began working towards combining early childhood education and art.

Today, I channel that passion into making educational art for language learning games for Indigenous languages in Canada.

Please inquire if you would like to discuss your ideas or if you have questions about my services. I am available for: Contract Employment, Commissioned Art, Freelance Design & Concept Art.

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