Youth4Youth Canada

Taliah Lyons, Zara Lyons, Ayla Martin, and Sarina Lyons

About us:

Youth4Youth Canada is an all-female Indigenous grassroots organization that is managed by Taliah, Zara, Ayla, and Sarina. We create and manage projects to improve the lives of youth in Canada through arts, culture, and health education. Through our projects: Talk Overdose and Kisac Cultural Workshop Series, we deliver presentations and workshops for Indigenous youth and their families.

We are very grateful to our parents and various community mentors for their on-going support. We are especially grateful to Pierrette Vezina (a Metis Chocolatier) for teaching us the art of chocolate making during the COVID lockdowns!! Her desire to pass along her gifts and her continued mentorship have been instrumental in our learning the necessary skills to make and sell chocolates to fundraise for project-related costs.

Y4Y Canada welcomes new members who are eager to share with they know with other youth. Our newest member, Akina, started out as a workshop participant and volunteer, is now a valued workshop facilitator. With all of us being full time students, the frequency of workshops is often monthly. Please keep an eye on our website and facebook (, and (social media ( for updates!


Youth4Youth Canada is a teacher and facilitator of:

-Arts, culture and health education workshops and presentations for Indigenous youth and families.

Please contact for details, pricing, and availability.

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Youth4Youth Canada hosts vendor tables at local markets for their hand made chocolate.

Please visit their website and social media for upcoming vending events.