Carey Sinclair

Carey Sinclair Painted Bigfoot in bear print

Carey Sinclair

Carey Sinclair

Swampy Cree, Manitoba

I have a family full of artists, it’s always been a part of me. Although I didn’t grow up with them, my aunties, mom, and grandmother have always done bead work. I learned at a family centre and picked it up quickly, learned how to incorporate the teachings I had in that way. I had a few art classes as a child, however, due to being moved from home to home, it never stuck. As I started to go to more ceremonies and learn how to incorporate them into art, I felt good. I lived with an artist and a carver for a long time. I learned a lot from watching and doing.

I have worked with the community and different organizations as a cultural worker and knowledge keeper for the past 15 years, I also do energy work and work as an Indigenized art therapist. I am a mother and grandmother, and I often sit with my granddaughter to do art.

While my circle is small, my reach for what I have to offer is far.

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