Sage Karihwenhawe Hegdal

Sage Karihwenhawe Hegdal

Sage Karihwenhawe Hegdal

Mohawk, Michigan


My family moved from Tyendinaga to Detroit in the 1920's and many of us are still residing in the Detroit area. Unfortunately, most of our traditional knowledge was lost during that time, but I have had many teachers over the years that have taught me beadwork, tufting, sewing, and most recently, tanning and quilling.

I have found that combining plant and animal materials into my beadwork connects me to the land, it is deeply grounding and spiritual, and it is the type of artwork I enjoy creating the most.

I am thankful to all of my teachers who have shared knowledge, and I appreciate the opportunity to continue learning and sharing with others.

Sage Hegdal


Sage is a musician, performance artist, actor, and dancer.

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