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Teuh Bousquet

Teuh Bousquet

Métis, British Columbia

Hello fellow makers and supporters of Indigenous art forms!

I am a Métis and mixed ancestry beadwork artist from White Rock, British Columbia, on the unsurrendered territories of the Semiahmoo and other Coast Salish Nations. My family has deep roots in the Red River area, and I was the first in my maternal bloodline to be born here in BC.


I possess a degree in Child and Youth Care Counselling and have gained over a decade of experience in the helping field, including youth work, social work, homeless support, mental health and recreation. I am currently studying to become a teacher and during my studies I have decided to utilize my love for beading to earn extra income.

From 2013-2017, I worked as an Indigenous Child Care Worker for a local school district. It was here where a knowledge keeper gifted me with the knowledge of beadwork. Since then, I have had some teachings through MNBC knowledge keepers and through generous Indigenous coworkers and community members. I am also inspired by my great aunt who creates beautiful work.

Throughout my career so far, I have maintained a strong pursuit to connect youth with their cultural identity and ancestry. Sometimes I have incorporated beadwork teachings, but my main goal is to build relationships with them (and their families), and find out what will be meaningful for them. After unveiling this, I am able connect them with the resources to make this learning possible. I believe that Indigenous identity can be complex and conflicting to explore. I have only started my journey about 14 years ago and I am still uncovering and discovering. One of the ways I connect with and honor my ancestry is to bead my little heart out!

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