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John Standingready

John Standingready

Lakota, White Bear Reservation

For as long as John can remember, he has been immersed in the therapeutic benefits of vibrational healing. Sitting amongst the Elders of not only his Lakota lineage but other Elders and healers around the world, he has discovered through the teachings of drum, dance and social responsibility, that a deep healing of the mind, body and spirit can be achieved. This path has led him on a lifelong pursuit of musical education. The power of vibration is as essential to our growth as the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat and the love we share with one another.

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Combined with his Indigenous teachings, a lifetime of musical background and a deeper understanding behind the ever broadening science of sound healing, he has brought pure intention to establish a pathway to source. Witnessing the immediate effects of music, song, and dance on our trifecta (mind, body and spirit) has been inspirational. Clinicians and spiritual leaders from across the globe have reported hard evidence supporting these healing benefits which ease suffering from physical, mental and spiritual dis”ease”. Whether it is the deep thundering tones of traditional drum or the soft soothing vibration of flute and chimes, John leaves no stones unturned in the search and implementation of tonal mediums. Tibetan gongs, singing bowls, hand drums, tongue drums, and wind chimes are but a few ways to achieve deep healing at the cellular level. By working with clients intuitively and with directed intention, John creates a safe space for true healing.


John is a workshop facilitator, vendor, and Indigenous musician, performance artist, actor, and dancer.

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