Waaseyaabanokwe Star Cherie Jamieson

Waaseyaabanokwe Star Cherie Jamieson Profile

Waaseyaabanokwe Star Cherie Jamieson

Waaseyaabanokwe Star Cherie Jamieson

Ojibwe, Beausoleil First Nation

Waaseyaabanokwe aka Star Cherie Jamieson is an Ojibwe Kwe and Indigenous Fashion Designer from Beausoleil First Nation, where she draws inspiration from her rich Ojibwe heritage. Her journey into the fashion world began in July 2021, when she discovered her passion for sewing. She is completely self-taught and can credit YouTube as well as trial and error for enabling her to discover her creative possibilities. What started as a personal exploration soon blossomed into an ingenious endeavor, as she delved into creating Ribbon Skirts and Ribbon Shirts.

Waaseyaabanokwe Star Cherie Jamieson Profile

Driven by a desire to honour her Indigenous roots, Star's designs are infused with traditional elements while incorporating modern flair. Her work extends beyond mere garments; each piece tells a story, weaving together past and present. Star ventured into designing Regalia as her skills evolved, showcasing her ability to blend traditional craftsmanship with contemporary aesthetics.

Currently, Star is expanding her repertoire to include more non-traditional apparel including formal dresses and wedding gowns, exploring new avenues of expression within the fashion industry. Her creations are a testament to her dedication to preserving and celebrating Indigenous culture through innovative design.

Beyond her design work, Star is also dedicated to sharing her knowledge and skills with others. She is moving towards facilitating workshops on creating Ribbon Skirts, Ribbon Shirts, Beadwork, and Regalia; aiming to empower individuals in her community and beyond to explore their creativity and connect with Indigenous traditions through fashion.


Waaseyaabanokwe is a teacher and facilitator of:

-Ribbon Shirt workshops,

-Ribbon Skirt workshops,

-Beaded Earrings workshops,

-Beaded lanyard workshops,

-Traditional Pow Wow Regalia workshops.

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