Tansi! Tawnshi! Tawow! Shé:kon! Annii! Boozhoo! Kwey Kwey! ᐊᐃ

2023 Fall Indigenous Arts Festival • Indigenous Women's Conference

was a great success! Thank you to all!

Indigenous Arts Collective of Canada

Powered and EMpowered by Indigenous women.

In taking inspiration from the Haudenosaunee Seventh Generation Principle, the Indigenous Arts Collective of Canada was founded in 2012 to preserve and revitalize endangered Indigenous art forms and enrich lives through Indigenous arts and culture. 

In using our knowledge from Ancestors and Elders, we are actively practicing and teaching in safe and inclusive spaces. The IACC engages, [re]connects and empowers Indigenous women by promoting the transfer and conservation of cultural knowledge; securing the capacity for the next generations to retain and cultivate intrinsic cultural connections and world views.

A Canada Incorporated Not-for-profit Corporation. Founded 2013. Corporation Number: 9469869

Department of Canadian Heritage designation as a National Arts Service Organization,

Registered Charity #801401274 RR 0001

IACC Bylaws posted here.

We are a volunteer organization led by Indigenous women.

For Indigenous Artists

Indigenous Women's Gathering

October 28 & 29th, 2023.

 Indigenous Arts Marketplace at St.Laurent Shopping Centre

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Millside Ceramics, Chill Baskets, Brandy Bloxom Photography, Tracy Metalic Painting, Nancy Oakley, Rebecca Maracle, Chantal Lanouette, Anna Thompson

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The IACC honours the survivors of Indian residential schools and Indian child apprehension programs.The IACC supports, loves and gently holds onto all Indigenous persons affected by child apprehension programs such as the Indian residential 'school' systems, the Sixties Scoop and present day efforts to change, erase, ignore, kill or conform Indigenous cultures of Turtle Island. We offer oien'kwa'ón:we (assemma, tobacco) and Atónnion (Eagle) medicines in memory of those who died and for the continued healing of survivors, their families and communities. May all hold close the teachings of the Ka'nikonhriióhtshera (Good Mind) and move forward in a way that promotes compassion, equality and inclusivity.

Parliament Hill, September 30th, 2021 and 2022.

We are sad to inform you that Parliament Hill will be occupied this year by the federal government and/or partners. Our community driven event on Parliament Hill is over and funding is no longer available to us. We are fundraising and intend to have a smaller community driven event, watch our socials and website for updates.

Visit our massive Indigenous Arts Marketplace at the St.Laurent Shopping Centre in Ottawa on October 28 & 29th, 2023!

In 2022,

  • We employed 52 Indigenous women with a payroll of over $150.000.
  • Over 535 Indigenous women registered for free workshops.
  • Over $20,000 of free art supplies donated to Indigenous women.
  • 150+ Indigenous women gathered to feast and celebrate each other.

IWAC is a monumental national gathering of Indigenous Elders, teachers, artists, knowledge keepers and performers. We are very sorry to report that we do not have sufficient funding for the 2023 Indigenous Women's Arts Conference Workshops.  The good news?! St.Laurent Shopping Centre is sponsoring our 2023 Indigenous Arts Marketplace on October 28 & 29th!

Learn more about Indigenous Women's Arts Conference!

Indigenous Arts Collective of Canada - Empowering Indigenous Artists Commercial Campaign

IndigenARTSY is funded by the Ontario Arts Council and Canadian Heritage Community Support, Multiculturalism, and Anti-Racism Initiatives Program. Commercial features Marleen Murphy of Millside Ceramics on Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory and Kelly and Claire Nehwegahbow of The Beading Drum. A mother/daughter team combining traditional and contemporary Indigenous arts! We are grateful! Visit IndigenARTSY and support Indigenous artists!

Bear fox musicWith much thanks to Theresa Bear Fox for allowing us to use her voice to represent amazing Indigenous women. Bear is an established singer and songwriter from Akwesasne Mohawk Territory and leads Mohawk women in learning and teaching or original words through song. You can hear more of Bear's music and read lyrics at BearFoxMusic.com Look for her at iTunes and you will be soon be able to buy her music at IndigenARTSY.com!

A Canada Incorporated Not-for-profit Corporation

Founded 2013. Corporation Number: 9469869

Department of Canadian Heritage designation as a

National Arts Service Organization,

Registered Charity #801401274 RR 0001

IACC Bylaws posted here.

We are artists FOR artists. We are a volunteer organization led by Indigenous women.